Where to Stay in Dubai for a Holiday

Where to Stay in Dubai for a Holiday

Dubai, the sparkling city arising from the sand, is the most famous tourist destination in the Middle East. You are excited to Explore Dubai, but this massive city can be a little overwhelming, especially when visiting for the first time.

Dubai is a vast metropolis boasting attractions all over the place. Understandably, choosing the perfect place to stay in this big city can be tricky. Whether you are looking for luxurious rental accommodation to discover the charm of Dubai Marina or a budget-friendly rental apartment, this neighborhood guise will present you with the best places to stay in Dubai.

Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence are the newest areas and practically the only walkable part of new Dubai. If you are a more fun-loving person, these two areas are the best places to look for Dubai Holiday Rentals’ accommodations. There is a beach, all the skyscrapers, and most importantly, plenty of luxurious beachside hotels and bars offering the best nightlife. Moreover, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is the largest single-phase residential complex in the world, providing living space for approximately ten thousand people. 

Jumeirah Beach Residence

Bur Dubai

Are you interested in uncovering the history of Dubai? If so, Bur Dubai is the best place for you to stay and explore. Situated along the southern side of Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai is recognized as the city’s oldest part. You can here virtually find all bits of old Dubai, with the area’s historic waterfront still preserving its old-fashioned appearance, a distinctively Arabian skyline, a dozen wind towers, sand-colored buildings, and the occasional minaret. 

Moreover, looking for Dubai Short Term Rentals away from Dubai Creek provides you the opportunity to explore more modern, mercantile, and lively Fahidi Street and the city’s Little India.

Dubai Short Term Rentals

When planning for a vacation in Dubai with your partner, the Palm or Palm Jumeirah is arguably the best place to stay. The Plam is a palm-shaped island attached to the mainland, making it one of the city’s most remarkable landmarks. Boasting a length of several kilometers, the island is home to the most luxurious, sought-after hotels and rental apartments in Dubai, from the Atlantis to the Fairmont. Since it’s an island with a variety of ‘palm fronds’ extending out into the sea, you can admire plenty of beaches and the sea with your loved one. 

The Palm

Do you have a tight itinerary to explore Dubai? Downtown Dubai is the best area to book a luxury home rental in Dubai if you want to be close to every popular tourist destination in the city. Famous as Dubai’s bustling hub of tourism, Downton Dubai offers endless opportunities to shop, enjoy jaw-dropping views of the city and beyond from the Burj Khalifa, enjoy luscious cuisines in fine-dining restaurants, and have fun nights in the most glamourous clubs.

Where to Stay in Dubai for a Holiday

Concluding Thoughts

Here you have it – the ultimate neighborhood guide compiling the best places to stay in Dubai. It’s recommended first to pick an area you want to explore and then look for Dubai Holiday Rentals, hostels, or hotels according to your budget and convenience. Check out at least once the services offered by Edens Dubai before making any final decision.

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