A Quick Guide to the Malls of Dubai

A Quick Guide to the Malls of Dubai

Are you looking forward to your Dubai luxury holidays? If so, you can’t miss out shopping in the luxurious malls in Dubai. You won’t believe that a certain proportion of tourists flock every year to Dubai to shop from prominent brands and have their gala time! 
UAE city is the coolest place for shopaholics to explore, with a myriad of shopping malls famous for their extravagant interiors, luxury brands, and entertainment activities. You will even be surprised to know that the city organizes the ‘Dubai Shopping Festival’ every month. This entire festival is dedicated to shopping, with every mall participating to provide different kinds of entertainment. 
Let’s go through the list of the best shopping malls in Dubai!

The Dubai Mall

When talking about malls in Dubai, how can we not start with Dubai Mall? The largest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall has around 1,300 stores featuring a wide range of national and international brands to quench your thirst for a luxurious shopping experience. 

Located in Downtown, the mall set over 5.9 million square feet and boasts over 200 dining outlets. Besides thousands of retail outlets and hundreds of dining options, you will be fascinated by one of the world’s biggest aquariums, an ice rink, a huge cinema, an underwater zoo, and even a KidZania.

Dubai mall

Ibn Battuta Mall

Named after Ibn Battuta (a great explorer), the Ibn Battuta Mall is close to Dubai Marina. It’s a massive shopping complex, and no matter which entrance you take, you will eventually circle back. 

The mall features six country-themed courts, making it convenient for shoppers to choose and shop. Besides stores, the mall has fifty restaurants, a trampoline park, a 21-screen cinema, and a large Carrefour.

Ibn Battuta Mall

Dubai Marina Mall

Located in the heart of Dubai Marina district, Dubai Marina Mall is a prominent destination for shopaholics. Since the mall is lined alongside the stunning Dubai Marina waterfront, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the marina, surrounding skyline, and yachts while shopping.


Mall of the Emirates

It is another one of the most popular one-stop shopping destinations in Dubai. Famous as the ‘World’s leading new shopping mall’ and ‘World’s first shopping resort’, Mall of the Emirates offers a great selection of popular high-end brands.

Moreover, the mall is home to food courts, an indoor ski resort, a magnificent family leisure center housing Ski Dubai, and Vox cinemas featuring a 4DX screen and Theater by Rodes.

mall of emirates

Dragon Mart

The Dragon Mall, famous as the Dragon Mart, is an Asian mall divided into two parts- Dragon Mart 1 and Dragon Mart 2. The 1.2 kilometers-long, dragon-shaped mall is the perfect place in Dubai to shop for Chinese products at wholesale prices. 

While Dragon Mart 1 is home to more budget-friendly stores selling everything from home-wares to clothes, Dragon Mart 2 is a trade destination, selling everyday items at half prices.

Dragon Mart


The vast number of malls in Dubai makes the Emirate one of the most popular shopping destinations worldwide. When planning to visit Dubai, book the comfortable Entire Holiday Apartments with Edens Dubai, and spend a day or two exploring malls and adding luxurious brands to your collection.

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